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  • Price$3,990,000
  • StatusActive
  • AddressVilla Aguamarina Villa Aquamarina
  • San Jose Corridor, Baja California Sur 23450
  • Bedrooms8
  • Full Baths8
  • Total Baths9
  • Partial Baths1
  • Acres0.554

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Welcome to Villa Aguamarina

Palmilla's famed Ocean 3 view

One of a kind perfection

Living Room off pool deck

One of several patios

A Chef's delight

Spacious walk-in pantry too

Dining in or out, your choice

What's not to love!

For the Sunbathers....

The Master Bedroom

On-suite Master

Master Bath

Another view of the Palapa

Time to relax

One of 7 baths

One of 7 bedrooms

The tranquil spot

Your access to the beach

Las Ventanas meets Bali

Time for fun in the sun

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